Selling Swampland in Florida

Have you ever heard the phrase “I’ll sell you some swampland in Florida”? The origin story of that phrase is one of real estate speculation salted with some intended fraud. Millions of years of ago, Florida was under water. There are no dinosaur fossils found in Florida because they never roamed our underwater state. According […]

Diaz & Diaz – ProSolutions LLC Out of Business

Early last year, complaints were received about a father and son in Arizona. Ruben and Rodrigo Diaz had been accepting Spanish-speaking clients in the state of Arizona for real estate sales and financing; the two of them led a scheme that utilized English documentation that families were meant to sign and understand, even though Spanish […]

Home Title Fraud – How is it possible?

Property fraud is possible when somebody obtains a title of your property – by stealing your identity – to change the ownership of your property from your name to theirs. The fraudster can then get a loan against your property, or even sell it or rent it. The real owners often don’t even know of […]

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