Fraud Conspiracy – Graham & Co-Conspirators

Recently (February 2020) sentenced to eleven years in prison and five years of supervised release, Jacqueline Graham, a 54-year-old woman, was involved in a scheme from 2011 to 2012 that involved sixty total false discharges of mortgage loans. The fraudulent loan discharges amounted to around $38 million stolen from clients, banks, and clerks’ offices. Graham’s […]

Shotgun Loan Scheme, New Jersey & New York

From 2012 to 2014, Saoud (Sam) Rihan – who will be serving 30 years in prison – and other co-conspirators worked on a shotgunning scheme that ripped nearly three and a half million dollars from local banks. In a shotgun scheme, multiple loan applications are sent into various banks with false information. These applications, seeking […]

Conspiracy: Making False Statements to Banks

Also in Tampa, Florida, two people pleaded guilty to conspiracy for making false statements to financial institutions. It happened like this: From 2006 until 2008, Mordechai Boaziz was converting an apartment complex into a condominium complex and hired Jonathan Marmol to market the units. But they wanted to attract unqualified buyers, so they offered to […]

Florida Man Submits Deed Without Signing Mortgage

Right here in Florida, a man in Polk County tried to steal a home by filing the signed deed without signing the loan documents. Technically, the house was his without owing anything. He was sentenced to three-and-a-half years for grand theft and filing a false document against real property. Stanley Livingston, who represented himself, said […]

Sophisticated Real Estate Fraud Scheme – Fourth Defendant Sentenced

Latrese Gevon Breaux was sentenced along with Angela Grace Cotton, Denaysha Coleman, and Lawrence Edward Cotton for running a real estate fraud scheme that resulted in the theft of more than $1.4 million from 2014 to 2016. The group used fictitious escrow and title companies to deceive a lending company into believing it was funding […]

How to Protect Yourself From Title Fraud

Deed fraud is a form of identity theft that most people have never heard about. It happens when someone steals your identity and then forges your name on the deed. At this point, they may take the deed to your home. While this commonly happens when someone dies (and the house gets inherited by someone), […]

Home Title Fraud – How is it possible?

Property fraud is possible when somebody obtains a title of your property – by stealing your identity – to change the ownership of your property from your name to theirs. The fraudster can then get a loan against your property, or even sell it or rent it. The real owners often don’t even know of […]

Recording offices – What they are, what they do

Your State’s Law Requires That Your Deed Be Recorded All states have registration laws. This law governs who is recognized as having real estate and who has financial or other interests, such as mortgages or liens. It also defines the order of priority in which interest must be given – literally, in many cases, for […]

Woman was Renting a Stolen House in St. Petersburg, Florida

Are you sure that the house you are renting is actually owned by the people renting it to you? Imagine your surprise if you are watching the evening news and see your landlord being charged for property fraud. As you sit in the house you rented from them, you can’t help but ask yourself if […]

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