Are you sure that the house you are renting is actually owned by the people renting it to you? Imagine your surprise if you are watching the evening news and see your landlord being charged for property fraud. As you sit in the house you rented from them, you can’t help but ask yourself if you rented, in fact, in a stolen house.

This is exactly what happened to Sharon Cummings, a woman in St. Petersburg, FL, when she discovered that her husband’s cousin was involved in an elaborate scheme to steal local houses. The houses were vacant, so he just had to work with a corrupt notary to falsify the houses’ deeds, record them in the local county office and change the locks. He then proceeded to rent the houses. The real owners didn’t even know that this was happening. Some of them found out when other people had already rented the houses and were living in them.

According to News Channel 8 website, “Police started their investigation into these homes two years ago, but it stalled until our Better Call Behnken report highlighted a man’s quest to get his house back.

The state attorney’s office reopened the investigation, and since then, the notary and two “buyers” have been arrested…”

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