Terms of Service

Property Firewall, LLC provides a Public Records monitoring service. Property Firewall, LLC is not a provider of title insurance, and provides no guarantee or insurance against title fraud. Rather, Property Firewall performs monthly updates of the Public Records as they pertain to the subject property. In the event that a newly-recorded document(s) is/are reflected in the Public Records of the County in which the subject property is located, Property Firewall will alert the subscriber of the existence of each newly-recorded document so that the subscriber can determine whether said document is a legitimate document, or if it may be fraudulent. In the event that the subscriber denies the legitimacy of the document, Property Firewall will refer the subscriber to a network of (non-affiliated) real estate attorneys. The subscriber is not required to employ an attorney from said network, and may choose any attorney they prefer. Property Firewall, LLC is not a law firm. Therefore, nothing the subscriber receives from Property Firewall, LLC should be considered legal advice.  The information provided by Property Firewall, LLC not title insurance. Pursuant to s. 627.7843, Florida Statutes, the maximum liability of the issuer of this property information report for errors or omissions in this property information report is limited to the amount paid for this property information report, and is further limited to the person(s) expressly identified by name in the property information report as the recipient(s) of the property information report.

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